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KCCP results in reduced health care costs, better access

Center for Healthcare Improvement for Addictions, Mental Illness and Medically Vulnerable Populations (CHAMMP) and Department of Health Services, University of Washington School of Public Health, evaluations show that King County Care Partners (KCCP) has resulted in:

  • lower psychiatric inpatient costs.
  • fewer total arrests and charges.
  • higher odds of receiving inpatient alcohol/drug treatment.
  • higher alcohol/drug treatment costs.

Health and Social Outcomes up to Two Years Post-Randomization (Technical Report)
March 15, 2012

Updated Intent-to-Treat Findings on Select Medical and Long-Term Care Costs (Brief Report)
January 13, 2012

Interim Analysis of Social and Health Outcomes
June 23, 2011

Technical Appendix – Analysis of Social and Health Outcomes
June 22, 2011

Client Perspectives on the Rethinking Care Program: Report of a Telephone Survey
June 2010

  • 98% reported a good, trusting relationship with the RN or MSW.
  • 91% said KCCP helped them feel they could take charge of their health.
  • 90% said they were able to reach at least one of the healthcare goals.

Chronic Care Management Intervention: A Qualitative Analysis of Key Informant Accounts
June 2010

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Aging and Disability Services Administration Chronic Care Management Project Savings/Cost Analysis
October 2008

2008 Washington State Medicaid KCCP Chronic Care Management Project Client Satisfication Survey Results

Evaluation of Washington State Medicaid Chronic Care Management Projects
November 13, 2008

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